Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

What you get with us is a dedicated strategic partner. We don’t just bring customers, we earn the loyalty of our future friends. In doing this every single day we’re daring to be extraordinary and push the boundaries into the unknown. Creativity and curiosity for the undiscovered is where we always start and we use our passion for technology, innovation, and our data based knowledge to transform this sparkle of inspiration in a ROI positive digital approach.

Our Value


What you get with us is a dedicated, professional, strategic partner working to grow your businesses, creating meaningful relationships, one customer at a time.


We make the complex easy, smooth and always deliver. We’ll create and implement your winning strategy and guide you every step of the way


We combine creativity and experience to introduce new unique ideas and methods to your digital efforts. Agile organization are the ones that move forward and win.

Moving Forward

If you are not growing you are slacking behind. We work hard to keep improving and make sure we’re ahead of the curve and keep improving our client’s digital presence.

Our Team

Darko Angelovski
Darko Angelovski
CEO, Founder
Marija Nikoloska
Marija Nikoloska
SMA Specialist
Jana Gavrovska
SMA Specialist
Ivana Angelovska
Ivana Angelovska
Creative Director
Elena Binoska
Elena Binoska
SEA Specialist
Gorjan Stojanovski
Gorjan Stojanovski

We Make the Right Decisions for Your Brand With PPC Advertising

Every valuable sincere experience leaves a trace. This is what we’re after. We believe that being open-minded and open-hearted is what marks one relationship as meaningful and what defines you as a brand.

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How We Work


Step 1. Define your perfect customer

This 3-step framework is the key to precisely defining The Perfect Client for your business so we can define the “one” problem you are going to solve for them.


Step 2. Market synthesis

Understanding the messaging and offers your “Perfect Customer” has been already exposed. Understanding the market environment to so we can craft the perfect problem solution.


Step 3. Audience build

We make sure the people (not traffic) coming into your funnel are the ones you need to work with to maximize your “customer lifetime value and secure long term business growth.


Step 4. Messaging

This is where we need to get specific and narrow down to your Avatar’s strongest frustration, goal and desire. This will act as the core of your marketing message.


Step 5. Design work

Building out the creative draft required.
Your creative assets should perform well and represent your distinct brand in the right way.


Step 6. Strategy deck presentation & review session

1h call to review the proposed campaign with the client and finalize the campaigns making sure we are on point when it comes to direction and brand voice


Step 7. Publish & Accelerate

Publish the campaigns and work tirelessly to make sure what we’ve built works well and it’s fine tuned to perfection so you get the best possible ROAS.

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