Facebook retargeting is a PPC strategy where you show your ads to people who are familiar with your brand, meaning they’ve either previously visited your website or interacted with your Facebook or Instagram page.
But since you are reading this I assume you already know that.

We all love retargeting simply because it’s convenient and in most cases, these are the campaigns that draw the most results.
In fact, according to one study, retargeted users are 70% more likely to convert than cold audiences.

Retargeting is not that hard, right? Drop the pixel, go to custom audiences select website visitors for the last 30 days, create the ads for the retargeting campaign and you are good to go.
Except, not all visitors come to your site for the same reason, and most definitely not all of them fit into the same part of your funnel.


Forget about going with the “one fits all” approach if you want to maximize conversions.
You should pay attention to the reasons people visit your website based on their actions, so you can deliver ads and retarget them accordingly.

All Website Visitors

These are all the people who ended up viewing your site, so you should communicate with them in a more general manner, the most suitable ads here would be the direct promotion of all your products or highlighting the differentiation of your brand.
The even better strategy here is to throw in a sales promotion such as a discount coupon or free shipping.

Cart Abandoners

Add to cart exclude purchases is probably the most effective way to target non-converters out there.
In this case, the visitors are probably in the process of deciding on buying or just “window shopping”, so now it’s up to you to convince them to get the product/ service through ads that will help them make that decision.
Here it might help to research the most frequent questions about your brand, product/ service, and address all concerns or questions.

Specific Content

Another great way to get the non-converters is to keep reminding them of the product/ service they were initially interested in.
Push the same product they were interested in, through specific content targeting and keep reminding them of the product/serves.
The chances are that they will decide between buying, since seeing that perfect red lipstick you don’t really need on every Facebook scroll, feels almost like faith, right?

Initiated Checkout Minus Purchase

55% of the visitors will not go through with the purchase if they have to re-enter their personal info or when they don’t have their credit card at hand and that’s a large percentage.
These are probably all the initiated checkouts you see that didn’t go through.
This is why is probably wise to create a retargeting audience: checkouts initiated excluding purchase.


Simple, you try new audiences, but we are a bit limited when it comes to retargeting, and maybe you think you've already tried every retargeting option?
In these cases you pull out the most boarder retargeting audience there is.
I want to introduce you to the 2 most underrated retargeting strategies

Page Views

Everybody that visited your website has gone through the pages, duh!
This audience works like a charm every time you are stuck, whether is oversaturated audiences type of thing or just you want to try something new, this retargeting audience can be a life saver.

Retargeting by Time Spent

The time that the visitors have spent on your website can tell you a lot, so you can even adjust the ads since you can segment them based on time spent, plus this custom retargeting option gives you the opportunity to bring back the visitors that gave up on you.

Now you are ready to go and convince your visitors to come back!