Funnel Building and Funnel Marketing Services

Convert users into loyal customers!

Create, build and launch your first or next complete sales funnel!

Our unique approach toward building your sales funnel strategy relies on delivering long-term value.

We ensure that every step of the funnel creates an outcome that data can support. What makes us stand out from the most PPC agencies is that we create and execute the funnel strategy specifically to your business’s needs and you get the results right where you can calculate them. In an excel sheet.

We work with you and your team to understand where the key areas of opportunity are, how we can implement better workflows to improve your efficiency with automation and convert more of your leads into high-value sales and repeat customers.

How we at Distinct do it


Market research

Extensive market research to determine your market positioning and posible changes we can make.


Targeting research & Segmentation

Analyze and understand the “Perfect Client’s” journey to a purchase decision.


Brainstorming session

Combining the market research and segmentation to generate ideas on different directions we can take.


Determining Funnel Stages

Creating the general pipeline your potential customers will go through, with detailed elaboration of each phase separately.


Funnel Strategy Deck Outline

Creation of complete the funnel outline including key messaging and presenting the draft for approval.


Your winning funnel

Buillding out the full funnel setup including: ladning pages, supporting materials (where applicable) emai follow up sequqnces and create the complete workflow in your makreitn automation system.

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If you are looking for a more robust marketing automation system that includes an omnichannel approach check out our Lead Genenration Matrix

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