Generate a Consistent Flow Of Leads Daily & Eliminate Hours of Painful Research!

Build a complete & predictable lead generation system to scale fast!

All growing businesses run into the same fundamental problem

Generating a predictable amount of leads week in - week out!

Using our lead gen system….clarifies to prospects why they should “do business” with you… and PROVES that you are the right and logical choice over every other option they have.

The Lead Gen Matrix is a 6 step protocol build on 3 key pillars.

1. The Cornerstone

✓ The Perfect Customer

Make Sure You Know EVERYTHING About Your Audience

✓ Market Syntheses

Understand The Pulse Of The Market Using Our Unique Research Approach

2. The Pivot

✓ The Digital Fingerprint

The Secret Ingredient That Makes The System Tick

✓ Funnel anatomy

Create the anatomy of the
finning sales funnel

3. Unfold

✓ Ignite

Build Out a Complete, Functional & Predictable Lead Gen System Around the Core

✓ Accelerate

Unfold The Campaign, Bring in Traffic, Optimize & Expend

Imagine if you could triple your LEADS in 60 days….

Think about what that would do for your business.

You can, using the Lead Generation Matrix.

This is a unique 6-step solution that we have build and on top of which have based our and our clients’ business growth. We are now generating a steady flow of  high-quality new clients daily…..and we are on a mission to help other smart business owners that are stuck in the same loop we were.

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Amazing results and communication

“Darko and his team worked tirelessly and professionally throughout the project. Distinct has a friendly professional approach. It was a pleasure to work with them."

Fred Ridoff
Strategy Manager, Moteefe

They are absolutely crushing it!

“They are absolutely crushing it. The team works quickly, transparently and it was clear they really cared about the outcomes. An incredible partner to have."

Mike Miklavic
Partner, RealJoy Vacations

Simple and flexible

“Excellent work, knowledge, passion, communication. What's most important is Darko's ability & willingness to listen & understand the business, suggest ideas, & make things happen to drive social media traffic/ engagement. Saw a huge boost in all my social media platforms in just 1 month. Will definitely engage again. Thanks! "

Angela Lam
Chief Potential Officer, ReadinGraphics

Exceeded all our goals

“Darko did a stellar job for us. He exceeded our goals and expectations, and went beyond the job scope to educate us on the best ways to build our data base and fans on the internet.  We are very grateful to him. We will definitely be working together in the future."

Suzee Miller
Founder, FengShuiPlazza

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