Right now, Facebook is still the most used social media app in the entire world. It has about 2.9 billion monthly active users and the numbers are rising.
Regardless of what anyone thinks about Facebook, it's still a massive part of marketing your business. After all, Facebook ads have been extremely popular and successful.
However, with new technologies being developed, it's only natural to assume that even marketing has advanced. Instead of just Facebook ads, there's another feature that will increase engagement on your ads.
Facebook Instant Experience Ads are the future and this guide will show you how to use them for your business.

What are Facebook Instant Experience Ads?

Facebook Instant Experience Ads are an upgraded version of the previously named Canvas ads.
Instant Experiences can take many forms. While most of the main elements of this feature remain the same, there are a few extra upgrades that you would love to use.
The first element of an Instant experience ad is the lead-in ad. This can be a video, a single image, carousel, or a collection ad.
The lead-in ad looks just like a regular image or video would look. Once you click on it though, it becomes interactive, like a mini website.
Within it, you can watch the video, as well as scroll through the available pictures of products and other marketing collateral and different elements that are being presented by the advertiser.
You can also click on tagged products that will lead you to the main website or submit a form that is a part of the Instant Experience ad.

Why They Are Important

Normal Facebook ads are good but they aren't enough.
By converting to Facebook Instant Experience Ads, you get much more out of your marketing.
Here are a few of the benefits that using instant experience ads will give you.

Easy to Make

You don't have to be tech-savvy to create a Facebook Instant Experience Ad. Facebook offers a ton of templates to choose from. 
These are already well-designed and will surely help you create a trendy ad without having to think too much about it. 
This is great for businesses that aren't ready to hire someone to manage their ads. Of course, eventually, it would be better to have a designer create designs, especially for your business. 

They Load Fast 

80% of people expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less.
After that, not many stick around and wait. 
According to Facebook, their Facebook Instant Experience Ads load 15 times faster than standard landing pages.  
Nowadays, more and more people integrate phones into their everyday lives.
About 71% say that they check their phones within the first few minutes of waking up. 
With this type of Facebook ad, you can ensure that mobile users are considered in your marketing strategy.


They Are a Mobile First Ad Format

Instant Experience ads are a mobile-first format designed to offer an optimal experience for mobile users.
If we consider the fact that 98.5% / 2.8 billion access Facebook through mobile devices like phones and tablets, this is probably one of the main reasons why Instant Experience ads can't be ignored by serious advertisers in 2022.

Fits Into Your Marketing Strategy 

The goal of a business is to increase its sales and to up its reputation to the public.
When using Facebook ads, you encourage people to click on your business. 
Whatever the occasion, you can fit in a Facebook Instant Experience Ad.
Need to show your products? You can showcase those items in a grid or carousel format.
That way, your customers can easily see what you have to offer. 
Additionally, if you would like your customers to engage with your business, you can use the instant form feature.
This way, you can receive their queries and details.

It's Interesting 

Sometimes, when we're browsing the internet, we get bombarded with ads.
This causes people to often become "blind" to ads. Businesses can lose engagement as a result. 
To prevent that, it's important to keep your ads interesting and fresh.
You need to tailor it according to your brand.

Facebook Instant Experience Ads ensure that your business is put front and center.
There are no other loud advertisements to take attention away from your business. 

Features to Use

Some of the instant experience ad features have been mentioned above.
This list will describe them in more detail.
That way you know which elements would suit your business the most. 

Instant Storefront

The instant storefront template is perfect for eCommerce businesses. They will show your products in a grid template complete with the names, and prices. 
Customers get to see all your products in one place. They avoid the cycle of clicking on the product and then going back to the main page. 
Additionally, it's also great for moments when you sell products with a theme. For example, on public holidays like Christmas, you could show an instant storefront ad. 
That way, customers are more willing to buy your goods. Additionally, there is a store location option that will guide your customers to your physical store, if you have one. 

Instant Storytelling 
The instant storytelling ad template will familiarize your customers with your business, it's a highly creative process that enables you to play with the features that FB ads provide.
You can use this feature to relate to your customers and draw them into using your products and services.
This can be done through your business' history or through a mascot that you would like to link back to your business. 

Instant Customer Acquisition

This feature's goal is to invite more customers to become interested in your goods. After all, this counts as a mobile landing page. 
Because Facebook Instant Experience Ads load faster than normal websites, customers will be more intrigued.
One thing you can do when working with this feature is to make it unique. 
This serves as the primary page when aiming for mobile users. You won't have to link them to your website until they click on a product. 

Instant LookBook

The instant lookbook ad is perfect for those selling items like stationary, fashion, and electronics.
After all, people are more likely to purchase something that they see someone using. 
As you continue to use Facebook ads, you can begin to collaborate with popular internet creators.
That way you can tag them and link the products they've used in the ad. 

Instant Form

Instant forms are best for when you need leads. With this feature, you can collect a number of potential customers to advertise to in the future.
This ad form is great for specific industries. If your business is focused on selling products or services that need a specific audience, this ad is for you. 

How to Use Them

As mentioned above, the process of making a Facebook Instant Experience Ad is easy.
The instructions are right on the page and will help guide you in making designs. 
Here are the steps: 

1. Click on the Create button on the Meta Ads Manager. 

2. Choose one of the ad objectives. There are plenty of choices to choose from depending on your needs. 

3. Name your campaign and enter the details of your ad. 

4. Select the type of ad you're using and name them. 

5. Choose which elements, texts and components to use. 

6. Click Save and preview your Instant Experience Ad

Who Needs to Use Facebook Instant Experience Ads

One way to make your business known is by using social media. Using Facebook ads is one of the sure ways to let those in your community know about your business. 
That means that every business, no matter the industry, can use Facebook Instant Experience Ads.
This is especially true for businesses that rely on visual aspects to sell their products or services. 
They're also great for those who are unfamiliar with the use of graphic design software.
Other times, the business is still new, meaning most of the focus is on other aspects of marketing. 
Facebook Instant Experience Ads are easy to use and create, making it an efficient way to generate clicks on your website. 
Choosing the right digital marketing company to represent your business is a big deal. 
We at Distinct PPC know how important it is to have your needs in mind.
We have a solid strategy that will guarantee an increase in your sales, leads and engagement.

Tips for Successful Facebook Instant Experience Ads

Now that you know how important these ads are, it's time to see how you can use them effectively.
Below are a few ways that will improve the quality of your Facebook ads. 

Be Clear on What you Want

Before starting work on an ad, it's important to outline the intended outcome. Your goals need to be clear so that your potential customers aren't confused. 
Additionally, depending on what you want for your business, there is an ad designed for it. 
For example, an instant storytelling ad might suit the goal of letting others know about your business.
Customers get to see what you offer, quickly.
However, if you're aiming for more customers to visit your website, it might not work. 

Be Careful When Designing

With so many elements to choose from, it's very easy to make design mistakes.
We may end up with an ad that has no focus.
You might even accidentally add in images that aren't high quality. 
It's important to plan the designs beforehand so you get to make changes along the way. 

Take a Look at the Analytics

One of the features Facebook has implemented in their advertisements is analytics.
By looking at the figures, you get to see where you can improve. 
It will also help you decide which ad templates are best for your business. 

Want to Give It a Try?

Of course, Facebook Instant Experience Ads do have their limitations.
However, by implementing them in your business, you will gain more recognition and engagement in your business. 
As mentioned before, people are always on their phones.
Because this is a mobile device-inclined marketing strategy, success is a guarantee when it is used. 
Need more digital marketing strategies? Don't hesitate to contact us and plan a strategy meeting!