The Challenge

Presenting a business program campaign in collaboration with now successful, wholesale hair startup in the USA. The goal was to build a long-term customer base by building a business program that will initially help individuals launch their own business automatically including them as a re-seller of the client’s wholesale inventory.

The services we provided within the business program included website builds, drop shipping setup, business & marketing support & services. The end goal of the campaigns however was an increase in wholesale product sales & generating regular revenue stream on top of which the company was going to be built.


In succession we will present details from the different Facebook ads campaigns that were running throughout the project

1. Business program ads campaign

Based on the initial success of the campaign the ad spent was increased in the next 30 days. The better performing ad set was favored. The cost of the subscription went up, though was still well below the target $5.

2. Business program ads remarketing + Product sales ads campaign

We also ran product sales campaign in parallel. The CPL for product purchase varied based on product prices & product margins, but the average value was at $35. Individual values varied between $10 & $100 per product sold. The results were excellent again, hitting 3X positive ROI on the ad dollars invested in the particular campaign only.

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