Sentient Furniture


Google Ads Takeover and management for the best Art studio & design firm in Brooklyn, New York, known for creating collectible furniture pieces and artistic projects.

The goal upon taking over the Sentient Account was to increase the website inquiries coming to the website through Google Ads without damaging the quality of the leads.

The Challenge

Increasing the number of leads generated without damaging the cost per lead or the lead quality.

Targeted budget increased over a 30 day period of approximately to 50% with no expansion in geo-targeting proposed.

Solution - We implemented a 4 Step solution to the problem

1. Remove Keyword Rot

The reality is that some keywords simply will not perform well. Some will have low click-through rates, low-quality scores, low conversion rates and/or a high CPL.

Removing these keywords reduces the CPL by increasing the effectiveness of the campaigns.

2. Small Restructure

Moving “big” keywords that are “hogging” all the budget from ad groups to an ad group dedicated to that keyword, allows for other keywords with potential to get exposure.

This also allows for potential further push for a bigger impression share for the best performing keywords by isolating them in individual and groups providing more control over the bids and spending.

3. Budget Optimization

Allocating the majority of the budget toward what’s proven to perform well will always reduce the CPL.

4. New Oportunities

The additional budget influx should be used to test new keywords, new targeting options. Using random keywords identified through keyword research is moving a few steps back when taking over an account with data history.

Instead going into the search query report and identifying search queries are not directly targeted but have already generated good results and building new ad groups around them is a much safer bet and bearing better results.

We managed to keep below our targeted CPL while managing 29 more leads in only the first 30 days of taking over the account.

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