What do we mean when we say killer offer? 
A Killer Offer is basically an offer you can’t refuse.

If you are an entrepreneur and your mind immediately went to I have to give out stuff for free, cause nobody can refuse free stuff, continue reading to discover the ingredients you must use to create this so-called killer offer. 

We need ⅓ of market segmentation 

Try selling a car to a person who can’t drive, good luck with it. 
You must discover your target market and what are those people’s needs. 
Be thorough and dig deep.
This can be done through research, even a survey.
This step can be also crucial because here you might find out that the market for your product is too narrow or even non-existing. 
Your product might be really great, but you should focus on the people's needs. 
If this happens, do not get discouraged, maybe it’s just not the right time for this product to get its deserved spotlight.

Then we add ⅔ of solutions 

Now that you already know your market and these people’s needs, it’s your product’s job to solve at least one of their problems and/or fill their needs. 
This must be communicated in the most simple manner. 
Ex. Problem: Hair Loss 
Solution: Wash your hair three times a week with our product to prevent hair loss by 99% 
Take your time and find out all the problems that your product can solve and all the extra benefits your consumers will have if they start using your product. 

Gradually add more value 

Here is the thing, purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by psychological, social, cultural, personal, and economic factors. 
When we are talking about adding value we don’t mean giving free stuff or additional products. 
When thinking about the value you can provide, of course beyond your main product’s benefit, always have in mind the factors mentioned above, also known as consumer behavior. 
The craft is to address all these factors, obviously related to your product, and convince your market that when they are getting this product all these factors are being met, so they won’t even take the price as a leading factor in their decision to make the purchase. 

Now we add a cup of trust

Yes, we know your product is the best, but you must provide proof. 
First of all, it’s essential to mention the Social Proof, meaning your brand has to be supported by your online presence with relevant information and a lot of likes, follows etc. 
When 1000+ people are satisfied and like this product, it must be good, right? 
Somehow we all go by this motto. 

Now about this offer, the simplest way to prove your product’s efficiency is to provide: testimonials, reviews, and before and after comparisons and spice your offer with it, of course, if this applies to your business, or simply create a story with a satisfied customer. 

Add spices including a guarantee 

If you didn’t notice we are doing all of this to shift focus from the price and to take aside all the price concerns your buyers might have. 
But also, if you are not able to guarantee your product why would I trust you in the first place? 
You can do this in many ways for example free trial, warranty, returns, etc. 
The goal is to make the buyer feel safe. 
The chances are that they will spend more money if there isn’t a great risk, by providing this guarantee you are eliminating that concern by 98%. 

The final touch-up is to mix all this as simple as possible

Keep to the basis of your offer and go from there. 
You should speak your buyers language.
When a potential customer sees this offer it needs to be super easy to comprehend it, remember it, and spark interest in your product immediately. 
This can be done only if it’s super simple and short which, don't get fooled it is actually a tough job. 
No matter how stupid or plain it seems to you keep in mind that this offer will be consumed by your target consumers, so do not complicate things.


Stick to the basis of the offer 
Make it comprehensive and short 
Highlight all parts that provide extra value and you’ll be good to go.

P.S You might want to insert a sense of urgency, it will spice up this offer.